I had the opportunity to see a good friend of mine, Gerry, today. I’ve known Gerry for almost 5 years. He is a trend setter, fun, down to earth person. He has a wonderful wife, who I admire due to her determination in fighting against cancer and adorable children, who always have beautiful smiles on their face. Gerry is the guy, who has the time and energy for all work functions, adult acitvities (softball, ultimate frisbee), keeping up with all of his children’s activities, being there for his wife in her battle  with cancer (they won the fight by the way :)), check out every possible whole in the wall restaurant in town, keep up with the insane crossfit work out routine, stick to his paleo diet (majority of the time) and still show up to work in one piece. He might not know this, but Gerry and his family gives me the hope I need in my fight against Lyme. He sets a good example. You can have a big family, deal with medical issues and still make it work and be happy. Well Gerry I am trying 🙂

Gerry and his family are relocating to LA. He started his relocation process a while back. Next week is his last week here in Virginia Beach. Today there was a farewell luncheon for him. I did not want him to leave before I see him. It would have broken my heart. I do not know, when/if I will have the opportunity go to LA to see them. That is why I decided to join them. I’ve known about the luncheon for about 4 days. It took some mental preparation on my side. Just getting ready to step out the house takes energy and to hold my body up to dine-in at a restaurant is pain. It is almost like walking on a giant magnetic field, that is pulling me down, as  I am trying to lift my legs to take one step after another. Nonetheless, it was all worth it. It was nice to see some old friends and coworkers. Not many might recognize, unless they know what it feels like to fight a serious ilness (in case you are intrested read my related post); but today was an accomplishment. I did it. I am exhausted, but I managed to say farewell to my friend, Gerry. Like someon said today: Paalam Gerry!

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