Couple of Facts About Lyme

Lyme disease is a seriously complex multi-system inflammatory disease caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb). This highly sophisticated bacteria is transmitted through a tick bite. Lyme disease usually comes with coinfections. It takes years to treat along with tons of medication and money. Just the money spent on doctors to get diagnosed is outrages.Not to mention to be treated like a crazy person in the process. There are more than 200 symptoms and every victim could experience different combination of symptoms. Testing available out there is not very accurate. A through diagnosis is necessary. Unfortunately even than doctors do everything in their hands to convince you that you are crazy than admitting that you are sick.

The disease can also be passed through the placenta to the fetus during a pregnancy. There are also theories that claims, it could also be transmitted sexually, however there are not any conclusive studies on this theory. It is very hard to diagnose this disease and considering you can infect your partners or children, it scares me the rate this disease can spread.

Interesting Thing

Ever since I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, my life has been hell. Funny fact I realized whenever I tell someone I have Lyme disease, they mention how one of their friends/family has it too. When Lyme disease is this common (5 times more than AIDS), why is there not enough people making noise about it?

Not the Government or the CDC!

And I am not asking why the government or CDC are not broadcasting. We already know the answer to that. CDC in States labeled Lyme disease as a “highly curable with 2-6 weeks of treatment” and “there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme Disease” in the CDC guideline, because the insurance companies have a huge steak in the end. If the CDC says, Lyme is not a serious disease, then insurance companies can deny the claims coming through. Lyme is a very expensive disease and our insurance companies does not want one more “common but expensive” disease. Remember back in the day what people with AIDS gone through? Just within the month my medical expenses piled up to $15,500. How much of this amount will be covered by my insurance is all depends on how much fight I put up with them. I already know my medications will not be covered or some of my labs, which in total adds up to $3,000.

What about the people?

I am talking about the people. There is only one movie made about it – Under our skin. When you google it there are not enough awareness videos or groups. No events out there to grab attention either. You can find tons of videos/blogs of people like me posting their experiences, but no common initiative to publicize this disease. Did you know May is the Lyme Disease Awareness  month? Me neither! So imagine what would have happened, if I knew what Lyme disease was. I could have gone through short term treatment and be cured. Not spend the years in pain, be treated like a person always complain about being tired or in pain, running from doctor to doctor, or infect my children.

Fight the bite

You are the people!

Lyme is one of the invisible diseases that many of us suffer. If you read this far, you already know this is a serious topic. You are the people. You can help. For starters share this post or like my Facebook page. Talk to your circle about it. Share as much content as you can via your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Reddit. You’d be amazed by just sharing the content with your friends and possibly causing them to share it as well, just how many people will find out about it. Also please feel free to share your own experiences with friends and family on my Facebook page or my blog.

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One Thought on “Let’s talk about Lyme disease

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