Going back home

I moved to Northern Virginia July of 2012. I was looking forward to living in a place that will somewhat give me the city life that I miss so much. NOVA has better schools, more public transportation, more restaurants (not just tons of franchise ones), more job opportunities, more of everything. Culture here is wonderful. It is diverse. People have a better, more positive attitude. This place turned my introvert 12 year old into a total extrovert child I don’t even recognize – in a good way. My little ones enjoyed the restaurants, parks and new friends so much.

A view from Virginia Beach

A view from Virginia Beach

This beautiful beginning became sour quickly for me. I’ve met my doctor after I moved here. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. My life went downhill from there on. Since we are new here, I do not have a big support system. Although I have to admit I did make a few valuable friends, that I intend to keep in touch with. Nonetheless illness make you feel helpless and lonely. All these years when I was homesick for Turkey, I realized I became homesick for Virgnia Beach. They have a Turkish saying your hometown is not where you were born but it is where you earn money to feed your family. That is the case with me I guess. Even though I miss the culture of my country, I lived 13 years in Virginia Beach. Good or bad, I’ve made many friends and built a support system.

Next Monday I am saying goodbye to Northern Virginia and we shall see what Virginia Beach has waiting for me.

Geri donus

Vasington DC’ye tasinmamizin en buyuk sebebi Turkiyedeki sehir hayatini ozlememdi. Tabi ayrica burda cocuklar icin daha iyi okullar var, is imkani daha yuksek, toplu tasiti kullanabiliyorsun, restoranlar bol. Yinede en buyuk sebebimiz cocuklarimizin ayni olmasada bizim buyudugumuz gibi bir ortamda buyumelerini istedik. Buraya geldigimizden beri icine cok kapali olan 12 yasindaki oglum, cok disa donuk bir cocuk haline geldi. Okulunu cok sevdi. Cevre edindi. Iki ufaklikta cesitli restoranlardan, gittigimiz parklardan, yeni kurdugumuz arkadasliklardan zevk aldi.

A view from Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach’ten bir manzara

Basta cok iyi olan bir yasam tarzi sonradan eksidi. Buraya geldikten sonra doktorumla tanistim. Bundan kisa sure sonrada Lyme teshisim konuldu. Hayatimiz o andan itaberen zehir oldu. Burda yeni oldugumuz icin cok cevremiz, destek olcak kimsemiz yoktu. Insan yalnizligini, caresizligini yada kimin gercek dost olup olmadigini hasta olduktan sonra anliyor. Yillardir hep memleketim Turkiyeyi ozlerken, asil memleketimin Virginia Beach oldugunu anladim. Ne kadar oraya donmek isedigimi, ozledigimi ve artik bir Virginia Beachli oldugumu farkettim. Hani derler ya memleketin dogdugun degil doydugun yerdir diye, iste o hesap benimkide. Turk toplumun samimiyetini, hicbirsey beklemeden destek olma arzusunu cok ozlememe ragmen, 13 yil yasadim Virginia Beachde. Az cok iyi dostluklar, cevre kurdum.

Gelecek pazartesi Vasington DC’ye hoscakal diyecegiz. Bakalim bu sefer Virginia Beach bize neler getirecek.

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2 Thoughts on “They say there is a reason for everythingHerseyin bir sebebi vardir derler

  1. Elizabeth Evans on 05/10/2013 at 11:23 AM said:

    I love you and am proud to be a part of that support system! I am glad you found a house so quickly. That is just another sign that you are making the right move! Please let me know how we can help. If you need helping moving in, let us know! Brian is much stronger than I am, but I can be there for comedic relief 🙂

    • LymieGirl on 05/12/2013 at 12:57 AM said:

      Thank you so much. Your kind comment made me smile and yes I can use a comedic relief. I am pretty sure seeing the baby will cheer us up too. I will contact you guys, when we make it out there 😀

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