In case I have not mentioned this before, I am Turkish. I come from a culture that has many traits that younger generation roll their eyes at. It is not easy to grow up in a Turkish household. Especially on the subject of eating. Unlike the generation today, we were required to consume whatever was put in front of us. I am sure many of you can relate to that despite the country you are from.

To give some examples of the common phrases a child would hear during the meals or throughout the day:

“Eat garlic (row) it is good for your immune system”

“Here drink this half a cup of lemon juice (not lemonade) I squeezed for you, it will give you vitamin C so you can fight the colds”

“Drink this water i soaked parsley (who knows what it is good for) in it, trust me it is good for you”

“Here I made tea for you from different herbs (not store bought herbal tea) drink it. You will focus better on your studying”

“Chew on this dianthus (dehydrated) it will help you”

“You have a cold? I know just the thing (that thing is a mixture cooked on the stove god knows what is in it but it becomes a paste) put it on your stomach it will suck the cold out”

“Swallow this tablespoon of olive oil and it will regulate your digestive system”

“Let me rub your body with vinegar it will bring your fewer down”

When you shake your head no, the response you get from your mom is “Do it or I will tell your dad you are not listening” and of course in the end you  always obliged to go through with what mom says. Years later becoming a grown up, I appreciate my mother more. Especially, after I started my Lyme treatment, I had constant flashbacks to the things my mom would make me do. See my doctor does not only use pharmaceuticals. She also uses herbal medications. I learned a lot the past half year on what benefits what plant, root, herb gives my body. Realizing all the times I rolled my eyes at my mom, she wasn’t just trying to shove old wives’ tales down my throat. Quite the opposite she understood and still understands how to use nature towards the advantage of our body.

I think I am way pass the age my mom is smart again (that happened when I had my first child). As the time passes though, she gets smarter and smarter, but I know better she never changed. I cannot begin to tell how much more I love my mom and respect her wealth of  knowledge.


I love you mom! 

PS; I am hoping my sister will take the initiative to translate this post so my mom can read and understand it better, instead of reading it through the google translate. Hint Hint


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