Watching my daughter frustrated, because she has these nonstop headaches, stomach aches, chest pain, ringing in the ear and fatigue. She feels everybody around her ignores her problem. When she mentions her problem to an adult, she expects him/her to provide her a solution. Instead what she hears is, either “drink some water” or “you will be fine”. It hurts her feelings to see adults not taking her problem serious. I can somewhat relate to her as I had similar problems. Healthy people tend to think that people like us listen to our bodies too much or that our pain threshold is too low. I’ve personally heard it all. On top of all, to be a kid must be really annoying. You are not taken as serious.

Looking for answers

I already know there is a 50% chance that she got infected during my pregnancy. The odds are scary high, however I do not plan on waiting in the dark out of fear. I want to know. I want her to know. We are starting the testing process. She has already gone through some testing. Watching a little girl getting a blood drawn is a heartbreaking experience for a mother. All those tears. Watching the fear in her eyes. I feel guilty and helpless. I feel like it is all my fault. I should have known better. If I only knew how dangerous a tick bite could be, would I not have taken care of this before. I am searching for the answers for my little girl and I am scared that I already know them.

Now we stand by with anxiety to hear back from the doctor.

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