The Visit to The Doctor

Amazingly enough my little brave soul was really good during this process. Even when he got blood drawn for the first time, he did very good. Our doctor is very child friendly. The experience was pleasant and Toprak enjoyed the 2 hours we spent at the doctor’s office. Our doctor was very informative and made sure we understood every bit of the test results.

My son with his beautiful smile

My son with his beautiful smile

The Test Results

So we got my son’s initial test results. It was an extensive lab work that looked at many things, not just Lyme. Lyme test came back negative. That is good news for now. As I mentioned before Lyme test is not very accurate (33%). This could be a false negative. For now I am happy. Although he has HHV6 and a few things we need to take care of, I am happy. The results were overall way better than mine or my daughter’s. We still have more tests that we need to do, so I cannot say I am all the way relieved. Even though he will be on some medications, I am happy with the news I’ve got for now.

Doktorun Ofisinde

Benim kucuk cesur oglum doktorun ofisinde cok iyiydi. Ilk kez kan aldirdigimizda bile cok iyi durmustu. Doktorumuz cocuklarla cok iyi davran birisi. Toprak randevumuz 2 saat surdugu halde cok iyi vakit gecirdi. Doktorumuz test sonuclarindaki en ufak detayi bile acikladi.

My son with his beautiful smile

Guzel gulumsemesiyle oglum

Test Sonuclari

Test sonuclarimizi aldik. Cok detayli bir test yaptirdi doktor. Sanrim bir 10 sayfaydi sonuclarimiz. Lyme sonuclari negatif cikti. Daha once soyledigim gibi bu sonuc kesin olmayabilir, sunku test sadece %33 dogru. Yanlis negatif olmus olabilir. O yuzden zaten yaptircagimiz bir iki daha test var. Onun disinda HHV6’i ve bir iki ufak tefek birseyleri olmasina ragmen, ben mutluyum. Sonuclari benimkinden ve kizimkinden 40 kat daha cikti. Sonuc olarak oglumda bir iki ilac kullanacak ama sonuclarimizdan simdilik mutluyum.

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