So we are on the road, to go to Virginia Beach. We are going to be hunting for homes. A house that is closer to my support system. Although I hate the idea of leaving Washington D.C., I look forward to moving back. I feel homesick. I need more familiar faces around.


I dont think this road trip is going to be fun. Every tiny noise is bothering me in this car. It is already too bright everywhere, which results in having to wear sunglasses and a sleeping mask. I feel every bump, every crack in my joints. I’m almost convinced my brain is made out of granite with sharp edges. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of anxiety I feel. I am pretty sure I am driving my husband nuts. I’m screaming at the touch of a break or at the sight of a car merging in our lane. I know he is being patient with me. The only thing he said so far “you are going to scare the kids” and he is right.

To distract myself I decided to write a post :-). I’m nervous about this house hunt. I don’t know, how I’m going to walk around in all these homes. By the way we finally bought a walker for me. What a big difference! Despite the support of a cane/walker, walking from living room to the front door takes all my spoons (I will put a link to the spoon theory later). How will I do all this running around, I don’t know!

I am also thinking finding something that will suit us as a family will be rough. We are a big family. We need good schools. We also need a one story home, so I can get around. Believe me coming from a 4 story home, I don’t want to see one more stair in a house. It has been rough going up and down those stairs. All in all many challenges are ahead of us.

Wish us luck guys!!!!!

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