The taste of Independence

Do you remember right around the time you learned how to swim? The moment you broke free of your parents, floaties or having to hold onto the edge of the pool. It was such a big deal then, because it felt wonderful to gain your independence. Finally freedom. The endless possibilities or so it felt like it :). After awhile it became just something fun to do and eventually it stopped being so special. Until one day all of a sudden you lose the ability to swim.

Losing what you take for granted

What would really happen, if you lost the ability to swim? Floaties and parents aren’t an option, because you are a grown up now. You will end up going back to holding onto the edge of the pool. Only this time you will lack the  motivation and excitement a little kid posses with hopes of learning how to swim. You already know how to swim and what it feels like it. You are incapable of doing it. In comparision losing your independence, when you know what it taste like is way harder than before you gain your independence. See before you gain your independence you only guess what it feels like, but you don’t really know. While You are on the edge of the pool, you deal with both physical exhaustion  and emotional struggle. At times it is so hard, you wonder why you are even in the pool to begin with. You want to get out, but you need someone else’s help to do it so. Frustrations surround all over your body and you want it sleep it off. You might be able to leave the pool at your choice, however you cannot check out of life as you please. You just have to learn to accept your challenges and understand giving up is not an option.

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