Some might think, what I am going through is just like Fibromyalgia – wide spread muscle pain. I can tell from my interactions with many, they are still not grasping it. I wish I could explain myself a little better.

This is not something, I will walk it off. So stop telling me to get up and walk around. I get sicker, when I do. This isn’t something I can suck up, to get through the day. So don’t tell me to do it so. The reality is just lifting my hands in the air to put my clothes on or walking to the bathroom is an overachievement. Something a healthy person cannot relate to perhaps. I find it even people with health problems cannot relate to me. Simply because, they think what I am going through is the same thing as theirs. Unless you have terminal illness or something similar, trust me you do not know.

I’m overworking myself, despite all the incapabilities I have. You are mistaking if you think I am doing better, when you see me up and doing something with my children. If I am standing, it is because I don’t have someone else to stand for me. If I am walking, it is because I don’t have someone else to walk with my children. Bottom line I am not holding it together, I’m falling apart before your eyes and you don’t know it. That is simply because you cannot relate what it is like to be a Lymey.

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