Tomorrow is the day. I will be getting 3 implants tomorrow. I’ve waited a long time for this. This a fairly simple, little bit painful surgery. As usual being a lymey, it doesn’t come to us that easy. See Lyme likes to attack my body wherever it is the weakest. Having a surgery makes me venerable, just the way Lyme likes it. My last oral surgery I was hurting 4-6 weeks and had to take narcotic pain killers the whole time. My doctor thought I had low tolerance for pain and refused to give me pain killers after week 2. “Low tolerance for pain” a term I grew to hate so much. See the reality is I have higher tolerance for pain comparing to any of you, because I have to handle more pain on a daily basis comparing to a healthy person. Things like this genuinely hurt more than the average person. Bottom line I am nervous. I will be in a lot of pain and when it is time for asking for more pain meds from the doctor; I will have to convince him that I am not a druggie. I guess I will take the low tolerance for pain than the druggie accusations. I am praying for a speedy recovery with enough pain killers for the length of my recovery. Wish me luck everybody.

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