I traveled to Virginia Beach on March 21st with the intention of returning to D.C. on March 24th. I was hoping this little trip would become the spring break getaway my children deserve. Was I wrong on that one! The day after I arrived in Virginia Beach I started to experience Herx syndrome. Although my doctor told me what was coming, experiencing it, is definitely something else (please see: my first herx experience). What can I say, our trip took a different turn than expected.

Within 3 days I’ve experienced; involuntary muscle movements, headaches, body aches, muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, insomnia, not being able to walk and becoming 100% dependent and bedridden. Worst of all, I was away from home. As a very independent and strong woman, becoming dependent of other people or not being able to care for my own children was devastating. Random cry spells in public, feeling humiliated, having to learn to ask for help or witnessing my children seeing mommy cry…God is certainly trying my limits.

My friends stepped up big time – not that I expect any less from them. It is very common to hear people who get sick that watch their friends disappearing one by one. I had the exact opposite experience and I feel very lucky. I think to myself what have I done to deserve their love and dedication. As I was stressing out about how I am going to get back home, my bestest friends stepped up. Despite the fact they are both in the middle of a move and both have little ones, they drove me and my children back home. They fed my children and drove back with two little ones on the same day, knowing they both had to go to work the following morning. Appreciation is the only word that comes to mind. I cannot describe the appreciation, I have felt. This is just one tiny example of what all my friends have done for me the past few days. All in all I am very lucky.

I have lost 6lbs within 3-4 days. Here are a few pictures of me from our Virginia Beach trip.

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