I took my abart for the first time. After my AM dose I went to a dentist appointment, by the time I came back to my hotel room I was exhausted. I was hurting and weak. My kids were frustrated and wasn’t understanding why mommy couldn’t move, play or take them somewhere. This feeling lasted until around 4:30pm.

Laying in bed - no energy

Laying in bed – no energy

At that time I finally had some energy so we went to visit family. Spent a few hours there. I took my second dose of abart. In about an hour my body was aching and I knew I was about to get worse. I just wanted to head back to our hotel room, before I loose my energy to drive. On the way back my son fell asleep. I carried him to the room. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was painful. I didn’t have the strength to carry a little person. I was about to burst into tears. The only thing that helped me hold my tears in was seeing my daughter who was trying to carry everything with determination to help mommy. She had my purse (a heavy one), her purse, her brother’s toys, blankets and a few clothing items. Everything kept falling and she would pick them up. On the other hand I had to get down to the floor every few steps, because my arms and hands simply did not have the strength. I was never so happy to make it to my room.

I settled my daughter for bed and went to the living room. My brother and a few good friends of mine were on the way to visit. By the time one of my friends showed up at the door with food, I couldn’t lift my hands. I couldn’t even grasp my fork. They felt paralyzed. The water bottle became very heavy, so my friend had to help me drink some water. My brother had to bring some straws, so I can drink water without having to lift the bottle (not that I could at that point). By the time my best friend arrived, my right hand was moving uncontrollably. Involuntary muscle movement, something I’ve never experienced before. I am not going to forget the look on my best friend’s face, when she saw my hand movements as she walked into the room. By midnight everything was starting to calm down. I finally went to sleep.

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