Mr. Lyme and I

Hi my name is Özlem. I am 32 years old. I am married with 3 children. And I have Lyme disease.

I did not know what Lyme disease was up until January of 2013. Although it turns out I’ve had it for 9 years. I was bit by a tick during a trip to Tennessee. I was only dating my husband back then. We both remember the specific moment I was bit.  During our one week stay there, I’ve had many symptoms. I had no idea such disease existed. We actually thought I was pregnant and even took a test. When the result was negative, we figured maybe it was the weather change that made me sick. If I only knew, what I know now.

Over the years I accumulated what seemed to be unrelated problems. If you look at me from out side, you would not guess how much pain I am in everyday. Chronic pain became part of my life, and as one of my doctors had told me, at this point in my life, I might just need to accept this is it for me. The quality of my life was very low.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, I’ve made a visit to a health professional that specialized in Interstitial Cystitis (IC). This visit changed my life all around. Long story short I’ve found out, I have Lyme, Bartonella, Protozoal, HHV-6, issues with my neurotransmitters. Keep in mind I am still going through more testing. So far I take around 25 pills a dayand 40 drops of liquid meds. Soon this number is going to increase.

Ever since I’ve started all my lab works, I have felt very overwhelmed. I was reading my eyes out. Freaking out. I’ve found reading other Lyme victims’s blogs (as I call them lymeys) gave me a sense of comfort. I had the sudden urge to puke words. I started to write on my phone every time I felt this heavy nausea of words. Soon after, I realized I wanted to share with everybody, how I feel. So, I’ve decided to start this blog. I hope this helps friends and family realize what I am going through and also raise some awareness towards Lyme disease.

Please read my blog and share my story so people understand how dangerous this disease can be. Remember every year there are 5 times more people that contracts Lyme disease than HIV/AIDS.

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5 Thoughts on “Mr. Lyme and I

  1. Merhaba. Benim. Eşim. Als. Fakat. Lyme. Olan. Sıkıntılari. Birebir. Yaşıyor. Eliza. Ve. Westorblot. Testlerini. Yaptırdım. Negatif. Çıktı. Zannedersem. Kronikleşti. Ve. Üç. Yıldır. Böyle. Felç. Degil. Ama. Felçli. Gibi. Yürüyemiyor. Als. Olsaydı. Kasları. Erİrdi. Şunu. Demek. İstiyorum. Ahmet. Akif. Özbeke. Ulaşamıyorum. Benim. Bu. Doktara. Acil. Ulaşmam. Gerekiyor. Lütfen. Bana. Yardımcı. Olurmusunuz. Dr. Telefonu. Olması. Lazım. Ki. Herşeyi. Anlatayım. Allah. Rızası. İçin .

  2. Otistiğim Benim on %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p said:

    Merhaba benim oglum A-Tipik Otistik Lyme veya benzeri bir sorunu olduğuna inanıyorum benim Dr.Ahmet Akif ÖZBEK bey e bir sorum olacak ona ulaşmanın bir yolu varmıdır
    şimdiden teşekkürler.

    • LymieGirl on %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p said:

      Merhabalar! Cocugunuzun hasta olmasindan dolayi cok uzgunum. Lyme hastaligi otizime sebep olabiliyor. Bazen bu yarattigi hastaliklar kalici olabiliyor ama bazen yeterli (zor ve agresif) tedavi sonucunda bu sorunlar ortadan kalkabiliyor. Ahmet beye email attim sizin icin. Eger bana cevap gelirse sizi konusturacagim insallah. Sitemi okudugunuz icin tesekkur ederim.

  3. Dave Skidmore on %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p said:

    It breaks my heart to hear such stories, but the good news is that you have a beautiful family, and I know they will help you get through this!…along with some Lyme cartoons and new friends!! Be well.

    • LymieGirl on %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p said:

      Thank you Dave. My family is wonderful and very supportive. It is wonderful to connect with new Lymeys. I don’t feel alone and yes the Lyme cartoons are great. Have an energetic and pain free day!

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