Problems of a Lymey doesn’t end with simple pain. The bigger side of the issue is the emotional pain we go through as a family. Staying strong throughout the process at times feel impossible. The list is endless, however I want to list a few things we go through everyday.

For My Children

  • My children cannot run to the park, they have to slowly walk with mommy as she drags herself across the parking lot.
  • My children cannot wake up and look forward to a beautiful day out, they sit in front of the TV all day.
  • My children cannot simply participate in normal activities other families do, they have to either wait for a day mommy has enough energy or wait for someone else to volunteer their time.
  • My children look at adults around them to help them, when they have headaches, nausea, stomach ache or feel fatigue. When in reality majority of the time adults won’t even believe their symptoms exist, because they are just children.
  • My children can wake up any day feeling like they were hit by a truck, yet they have to go to school.
  • My children have to spend twice the mental energy to focus at school comparing to an average student (even though they are very intelligent); because they body is using all its resources to fight their infections.

For Me

  • I am dependent on others majority of the time. As willing as people are to help, they simply cannot be around every time I am in need. I need help 24/7.
  • I have to put up a good fight just to crack my eyes open.
  • I have to explain to my children that sometimes even the doctor cannot help us feel better.
  • I cannot cry I am sick, because I have to comfort my children when they are too sick to get out of the bed.
  • I cannot just feel depressed about being in bed all day, because I have to talk my children through why they have to lay in bed, when they’d rather be running around.
  • I have to calm them down when they feel rage over no apparent reason or prepare them when mommy is about to go through rage.
  • I cannot lose my motivation, because I have to continuously keep them motivated to keep going no matter what, even though they feel frustrated with ignorant people around them.
  • I have to display sense of comfort and trust and stay positive,  even though I am burning with fear inside; because people around me need me to show them hope more than I need it.

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