All the things we can’t do anymore

I think I can speak for all my Lymeys, when I say all the things we used to do we cannot do anymore. Our lives changed dramatically ever since we got sick. We all  feel we are missing out on all the things we used to do. Hiking, riding a bike, going to the park, shopping at the mall or going on vacations. Even being able to work is not an option for some of us. Parenting for those of us with children. Forget about caring for little ones, caring for ourselves became impossible. All things we can’t do anymore, makes us feel we are missing out. So to all my Lymey friends I would like to ask this one question “are we really missing out”?

New Perspective

We all went through the phases of Lyme. Frustration of diagnosis or should I call it misdiagnosis…Discovering what Lyme is or should I say reading your eyes out about horrible stories…The anxiety or the uncertainty….and the treatment or the resentment of being inapt. It is a horrible process to go through. In the end though, you need to embrace what you have and make the best out of it. I know it sounds silly to say that, but really think about it. Ever since we became ill, we have not been missing out; we have been experiencing the world under a different light and understanding others better. We are connecting at a different level. We are building strength. We are gaining and producing knowledge wealth for people to come after us. We are learning to be educators and become activists and all in all we are becoming better people. At times I feel we were the chosen ones to make a difference in this life. Now you have this new perspective, smile and enjoy the rest of your day despite the fact it is filled with pain.

Have a lovely lymey day my friends!

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