What Bioenergy Healing?

Energy healing is based on the fact that humans are very energetic organisms. We create heat, give off light, generate electricity and even have a measurable magnetic field. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually energy beings that occupy a physical space. Many energy medicine practitioners believe that we have specific energy generators in the body, commonly referred to as charkas and that energy travels through the body along pathways called meridians. One could imagine that the charkas are cities connected by energy roads or meridians. In addition, many believe that we actually have layers of energy surrounding our bodies … like layers of an onion. These energy layers are very important for health and well-being. Disease and illness are related to disturbances or blockages in the charkas, meridians and various energy fields. In theory, an energy healer balances the disturbances, removes blockages and even adds energy if needed.

My experience with Bioenergy healing sessions

A friend of mine suggested I give it a try with bioenergy healing. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to alternative healing methods. When you are in pain, you are willing to try anything. I decided it would not hurt to do it. I have had two sessions so far. It was a very interesting experience. The first session being the most interesting.

He started over my stomach area. I immedeatly felt movement in there. I felt warm and tingly. It was almost like burning sensation, when in reality he was not even touching me. I must admit it was surprising to me I felt anything at all. As he moved up, to my chest and neck area, I started to feel so my much pressure on my throat and ears. Especially the feeling I had on my ears was quite interesting. It felt as if so much energy trying to escape from my ears. The pressure was almost painful. Each area he worked, it was the same initial feeling; I feel something being pulled towards the middle. Even though my eyes were closed, I could tell which area he was working on because of that pulling sensation. He finished with my head area. I was happy to move up to that area. I had so much pressure build up by that time, the release I felt once he started working over my head was amazing. The pressure on my ears disappeared. My headache was gone. By the time we were done all my energy was gone. I felt exhausted. Same as when I get a massage, I felt so weak afterwards. I knew it was temporary though. It is hard to explain to feel weak and tired but better at the same time.


I am not sure, if bioenergy healing technique actually heals anything. I believe that the energy field is real. It certainly is interesting to feel the energy move around your body. I cannot speak to how much healing power it has yet. It helped my headaches somewhat. I enjoyed the experience. I am glad I tried it. Would I solely rely on it? I don’t think so. Just like a massage, I don’t believe it would be harmful to do it every now and then. I am very thankful to my friend for offering up his time and putting an effort to help me heal.

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